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Welcome to Cruze Scooters! We are proud to be at the forefront of micro-mobility in Fredericton, where we began our journey in 2021. Our story started at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Fredericton, an invaluable partner whose support has been instrumental in our growth and popularity. Thanks to this collaboration, we quickly became a recognized name in the city.

After our initial success at the Delta Hotels, we expanded to a standalone location downtown. However, as a seasonal business, we realized that a fixed spot wasn't the most sustainable approach. So, we pivoted to a more flexible model, focusing on private micro-mobility. Instead of scooters scattered haphazardly, we adopted a structured system with designated stations for picking up and dropping off scooters, akin to bus stops. This system ensures tidiness and accessibility, enhancing user convenience.

The 2024 season marks a significant evolution for Cruze Scooters. We have embraced technology to improve our service—now, everything from booking to payment is managed through our user-friendly app. This season is also exciting as we are partnering with local businesses to provide an eco-friendly transportation option. Our scooters offer a fun and adventurous way to explore Fredericton, whether it's zooming down scenic trails or cruising by the waterfront.

At Cruze Scooters, we are passionate about offering a green mode of transportation that adds a spark of adventure and freedom to your daily commute or leisurely explorations. Join us in redefining urban mobility and discover the joy of scootering with us!

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